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Caron started this conversation
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I have been looking for any type grants that are out there for the past year, but until now no luck. They all ask for money to purchase a package. I would like to start up a business. I am a single mother, unemployed and living with my mom... can someone please tell me what I must do to submit an application to be able to receive any type of grants?

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The majority of grant programs don't care about your credit rating. That is a one of the common myths about grant programs and I have seen it mentioned so much that I have posted about it in my blog. Number two as much as the "experts" say that there are no grants to help start a business the fact is that that statement is not true. What is true, however is that grant programs don't fall under the category of "one grant fits all" and that is because grant programs are all different with different eligibilty requirements and timelines. You haven't mentioned what type of business you want to start but it really doesn't matter beause there is probably a grant program out there that you are eligible for. I just got finished answering a couple of questions relating to people that wanted to start their own daycares and I told them that I just entered information about 2 grant programs that are geared towards those that want to start their own business. So there are grant programs out there to help people start their own business and one of the requirements in NOT your credit score!
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Did you ever find any free grant sites? Im trying to start my own small business and I have bad credit.513 I think. Single mom and all that. Is there help?

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Caron ~ You are obviously looking in the wrong places. 99% of the money that is available to you for school comes from the federal government, the state you live in and the school you are attending...the other 1% comes from private scholarship sources. If you would like some FREE help getting on the right track to get your share, Financial Aid 101, can help! MsRivers
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